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Whether you are an avid camper, a once-a-summer camper or you have never slept in a tent; camping is a human need. Do you agree? Everyone surely has their matter of opinion, but my opinion is that it is a necessity to survive. I believe that nature is a healing place that can cure even the worst of sorrows. It is a place where you can walk across a river …

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I close my eyes to the Earth’s surrounding noises, and take a deep breath in and exhale. I hear the ocean’s sirens pulling me with the sound of its rhythmic waves crashing against the rocks and the shore. The breeze runs through the trees and plays the evening symphony in harmony with the ocean. The fire’s warmth projects onto my skin and the crackling fire whispers secrets into my ear. …

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With our fast paced and time sensitive days, taking the time to unplug from all of the social media and phone alerts is beneficial for our sanity. Of course, we all daydream about being whisked away for a weekend, but the majority don’t act upon their urge due to responsibilities or perhaps finances. Although obstacles may be in the way of some, it is important to escape the jungle of …

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