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“As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, it’s inevitable that you will discover how capable you are.” -Source Unknown (Disclaimer: This story may include triggers to some people and shows personal photos from the accident. Don’t look at the photos if you don’t want to see wounds.) With the story I am sharing with you, this quote will come alive and show how I found out how capable …

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When it comes to being spontaneous, I guess you can say that is one of my specialties. Whether it’s last minute flights or last minute hotels, I always seem to find great deals no matter what. Recently, I decided that after the van renovation, I needed to plan myself a little getaway. I looked up some ideas for places that I could potentially visit, and came across a helpful …

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Toasty oak, ripe cherries, smoke, and leather with a hint of strawberry and cedar. All of these flavors in one aroma hit all your senses while you have your nose stuck in that wine glass. As you swish around this blissful wine, you take a sip and it seems to complete this very moment. You close your eyes and take it all in while a faint soundtrack of Frank …

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A few weeks before I went on my one of first solo trips, I did plenty of research and decided to ask others for their honest opinions regarding the subject of women travelling alone, specifically aimed towards me. To my surprise, quite a few were supportive. however, there were those few who were weary of me travelling alone. Their comments consisted of “Are you really going to go alone, …

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A few months back, my life was enveloped with stress and chaos making it so I felt like everyday I was squeezed in a little box that I could not escape. Being my curious self, I decided to plan a little weekend getaway in hopes that I would escape the raging thoughts and stresses of life to relax and explore an area by myself. As a kid, I travelled …

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